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Our bodies have the capacity to heal imbalances and illness when provided with the correct tools.Pati (Caputto) Thomas, CN, is a certified nutritionist in private practice since January 1995. She is a master practitioner of Contact Reflex Analysis and Advanced Clinical Nutrition (CRA). Using this system of muscle-testing and a full medical history, Pati can design a specialized program (the correct tools!) of diet, exercise, therapeutic nutritional support, and recommendations for adjunct therapies which can balance and support the body so it can heal itself.
Conditions Pati works with:

Family and Prenatal Care and Fertility
Headaches - Digestive Disorders
Toxicity/Cleansing - Anxiety - Allergies/Asthma
Sports Nutrition - Fibromyalgia - Diabetes
​Chronic Pain - Chronic Fatigue
Insomnia - Depression - Autism - ADD/ADHD
Dental Disease - Thyroid/Hormone Balancing

Services Offered:

Contact Reflex Analysis
Nutritional Consultation
Ion Cleanse Foot Baths
Phone Consultations
Salivary Hormone Testing
Blood Type Testing
Blood Testing

My son was born with thrombocytopenia and developed many infections. With Pati's help, we learned how to feed him properly and safely, and she was able to recommend the correct supplements and topical treatments - ones he wouldn't react to! He is a very healthy happy teenager now!

--Kathy, Reading MA
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